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Careers advisers have a duty to help the Creative Industries

By Andy Gardner, Careers Adviser, Central London Careers Hub

Creative Skillset and Central London Careers Hub will be kicking off 2016 on a very positive note for careers advisers, teachers and training providers, with a series of invaluable sessions that will enable them to inspire and inform the creative talent of the future. Despite recent reductions in school careers services, guiding young talent towards fulfilling careers remains vitally important. 

Do careers advisers still exist?

They sure do. Central London Careers Hub found that Careers Services and Independent Careers Advisers who attended our first season of 25 events in 2015 had undertaken over 460,000 guidance interventions in the last three years.  So, in spite of central government losing interest in them, many careers advisers still survive and are talking to their clients about the Creative Industries.

     However, we still have many challenges when we are trying to advise young people about Creative Industry pathways. One of them is ethical!  We see it as our duty to tell young people about all the options open to them, not just higher education. Often the careers adviser will be the only person in an institution mentioning the possibilities of the apprenticeship route, but sometimes this will cause us nothing but grief, as management in schools will be worried about losing sixth form numbers or not getting enough pupils into top universities (whatever that means!). 

Some of the opportunities now available through the apprenticeship route are really good and likely to be much better opportunities than people would get after leaving university. I’m still a practicing careers adviser and was speaking earlier in the week to someone who is taking a gap year before university, and I had to be honest with her and explain that some of the apprenticeship options available in Marketing through a Creative Skillset partner Fashion Enter are likely to be better opportunities than she would get after her degree.

Careers advisers need help filling gaps in their knowledge

Unfortunately, some schools no longer have a dedicated careers adviser, and we find one of our key roles is helping young people find the juicy bits of information in all the various websites. Careers advisers use websites like Creative Skillset a lot in their advice and guidance, but we have continuous professional development issues ourselves. 

   That’s why it's important Central London Careers Hub and Creative Skillset have joined forces to put on four unique events for teachers and careers advisers covering:


Knowledge is power

I heard about Fashion Enter at last years’ Fashion career sector lecture. That’s why I was able to direct my ex-sixth former to their vacancies. It’s all about sowing seeds and that is what these events will do. If a school has no careers adviser (and they should have), it's still important that teachers see the relevance of their subject to careers.

The events above aim to do just that and would be very useful to teachers wanting to make their subject relevant to the world of work, whether it is the broad scope of broadcasting - which can relate to so many subjects - or the seemingly narrower field of fashion which actually extends way beyond Design Technology and can relate to areas such as ArtLanguages and Business Studies to name a few.


In the future, OFSTED will want to see evidence of teachers linking careers to the curriculum and the four Creative Industries insight sessions taking place at Creative Skillset will certainly help practitioners make relevant and current links between curriculum learning and workplace skills.

When and where will these events take place?

Held in partnership with Central London Careers Hub, these unique sessions for careers advisers, teachers and training providers will take place in central London on the dates below:

20 January 2016 | Advertising + Fashion & Textiles
2 February 2016 | VFX & Animation + Broadcasting

Click here to book your place on any of these special Creative Industries Open Doors Careers events

Want more resources?

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