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What the Tick means to creative companies

By Amy Smith, Head of Recruitment at Framestore, makers of Gravity and Avengers: Age of Ultron

Having the right attitude is just as important as knowing the software

When recruiting graduate talent there are a number of things creative employers look for. Obviously we are looking for a stand out portfolio, and often certain experience, software or knowledge on a CV. However just as importantly, we are looking for people with enthusiasm, initiative, drive, self-awareness, the ability to critique and be critiqued and a host of other ‘soft’ skills; and it’s these soft skills that really make the difference between someone who can perform the tasks of a job and someone who is job-ready.

Amy Smith | Head of Recruitment, VFX | Framestore

Understanding the marketplace is vital

Creative Skillset’s Tick accreditation connects creative courses and institutions with industry, which ultimately equips their students with the understanding of what it really means to embark on a creative career. This access cannot be underestimated.

Good employers want to find and progress good people

At Framestore, we have regularly employed students from a number of Ticked courses across the country. They have joined us in a variety of entry-level positions within the company and many of them have gone on to become our leads, heads of department and supervisors. Because of the legacy of the Tick, these students have a strong understanding of what our business is about and many of them will have undertaken internships, master classes or tutorials with our own employees or others from within the industry. This kind of exposure is vital for the success of our graduates, but often it can be hard for employers to find the time to dedicate to this kind of activity. By introducing the Tick, Creative Skillset have allowed employers to focus their time and efforts on the courses and institutions that are already performing at an industry-approved level, and so made it possible for us to ensure we are investing our time as effectively as possible. Additionally, services like Trainee Finder and Hiive are fantastic at helping companies find the right people for the job.

Learning never stops in the creative industries

There are a lot of other students not on Ticked courses who require the support of industry to become fully job-ready. The VFX Skills Council, hosted by Creative Skillset, is dedicated to making sure not only that students entering the industry have the appropriate level of knowledge and skills, but also that those already in industry have access to the right opportunities to continually develop themselves – both in their current role and beyond. Supporting the creative industries, through public co-investment and industry levies, is vital if we are to help companies large and small continue to develop skills at every level; it is what keeps our industries and people at the forefront of new developments; innovating, improving and developing creative works. VFX is a prime example of a creative industry that moves at a rapid pace, in both technological and experimental terms, so we need people that are keen to learn, as well as the support to help them develop.

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