Andrew Berryman

Job title:
Video Editor
Digital | Games

"I studied Digital Media Production at Arts University Bournemouth and learnt a range of skills focusing mainly on video editing, motion graphic design and camera techniques. Whilst doing this I put my skills to use as best I could on various freelance projects up and down the UK. These projects included filming music videos for drum and bass legends such as MC Spyda, filming rap videos across London for various artists and also lending my hand on projects for Jaguar cars, Mr Porter clothing and also Boris Johnson, amongst others!

"This left me determined to turn my study and freelance work into a full time profession, and I found the perfect place to make that transition at the Creative Skillset Tick talent showcase 2014. I brought my experimental “Digital Glass” immersive video instillation with me and I was able to talk with various similarly driven students to compare notes as well as meet with industry professionals to try and kick start my post-graduation working life.

"After meeting representatives from Rebellion games at the event I was given an interview and offered a job within the week! I am now busily working away on exciting projects and putting to use all those different skills I built up through my years of study. I oversee the production of complete video projects to advertise our new games and projects. On a daily basis this includes; filming, gameplay capture, editing footage, creating motion graphics, title slate design and also the use of a newly completed TV studio for interviews!

"Creative Skillset gave me a great opportunity to showcase my skills and I am now 9 months through my 12 month Trainee Finder contract, but am looking forward to working at Rebellion long into the future! Many thanks to my Digital Media Production course leader from the Arts University Bournemouth; Phil Beards and also all the Creative Skillset staff such as Annabel Grundy who helped me to enjoy the great success that was last year’s event. Best of luck to everybody involved this year and I hope it’s a thoroughly enjoyable night for all!"


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