Location Assistant

Film | High End TV
Personality type:

Location Assistant

Industries: Film / HETV

Personality type: Organiser, Practical

Departments: Art Department, Production

The lowdown

  •     Providing support to the Location Manager and Unit Manager
  •     Dealing with logistics at the location site

Is this role right for me?

To do this role, you will need to:

  • Be a confident driver
  • Have excellent communication skills and diplomacy
  • Be tactful and resourceful
  • Have a good and accurate sense of direction
  • Be able troubleshoot
  • Have excellent organisational skills
  • Be happy to work outside in all weathers
  • Have stamina to work long hours. The Locations team are the first to arrive and the last to leave each day
  • Have an interest in architecture and Landscapes
  • Have an interest in photography which can be helpful if you are asked to scout a location 
  • be physically fit and have lots of stamina as you are often on your feet all day and carrying heavy equipment
  • take responsibility for the set
  • have tact and diplomacy when working with both the crew and public 
  • forward thinking and able to balance needs of different parties (for example crew vs public)
  • maintain clear accounts and record expenses
  • have a passion for TV/ Film

What does a Location Assistant do?

The role of a Location Assistant can be very varied and helps underpin the smooth running of the location working under the Unit Manager.

On a day to day basis Location assistants may be asked to:

  • Assist the crew with access to locations, guiding the crew in terms of where to park whilst on location, as well as looking after petty cash and receipt
  • Maintain the cleanliness of locations - leaving a location as it was found at the end of the shooting day
  • Work with the locations department to facilitate the needs of other departments on location -  i.e  Make up, Camera, Costume
  • Help maintain a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly set and location
  • Be asked to manage a small petty cash budget and look after receipts
  • Organise and keep the locations van and stores stocked throughout the shoot
  • Liaise with and supervise security guards and coning off
  • Help set up green rooms, tents, extras holding areas 
  • Help manage location marshals and help location manager with paperwork, Dropbox, etc.

Will I need a qualification?

You won’t need a formal qualification. Because the work is extremely practical the best training is acquired on the job.

What's the best route in?

You can move into Location work from a background in live events (music, festivals etc), security work or from working in the Army in Logistics. Alternatively, you could start out as a Runner gaining experience in Location marshaling.

This will give you the opportunity to see how film crews work and learn about the practicalities of filming on location. You will also have the chance to meet Location Managers who may be prepared to take on an assistant.

Interested? Find out more…

Check out Trainee Finder for HETV and Film as Locations is one of the many departments  supported by this placement based scheme

Many cities, regions and countries within the UK have their own film offices offering information and advice on filming on location.


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