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Producer (Animation)

Personality type:
2D computer animation | 2D drawn animation | 3D computer animation | Animation dept


The Lowdown        

  • Managing the animation team during a production
  • Sourcing and managing the budget
  • Ensuring the creative process is going smoothly and to schedule

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need to:

  • Have plenty of experience of working in the animation industry
  • Have a good business sense
  • Have a great understanding of finance
  • Make sure creativity isn’t stifled regardless of budget and deadline
  • Be able to keep yourself and your team motivated
  • Be a good negotiator
  • Solve problems in a creative and logical manner
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the animation process
  • Prepare and control the production budget
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of codes of practice, and ensure everything complies with regulation

What does a Producer do?

A Producer has overall control and responsibility over an animation project's production. They are typically in charge of managing the artists and directors, making sure everyone is working to the best of their abilities while staying within time and budget constraints.

Producers will also be in charge of sourcing all the assets needed for an animation project to be completed. Whether this is software or art materials, a Producer will need to know what’s needed, where to get it from and how much it will cost.

A Producer may also be required to source the budget as well. This would mean they’d need a key understanding of how much the production will cost, and have great negotiating skills when talking to investors and broadcasters.

While they are the highest authority on a project, they would be directly underneath the executive producers at a studio, and would be their main point of contact. This means if the project is running over budget or is coming in late, the Producer will be the person in charge of explaining the situation and the causes to the executive producers.

However, despite their responsibilities to their bosses, a Producer’s real skill is being able to balance the upstairs demands and restraints with the ability to give the animation team artistic freedom and room for creativity. Being able to balance time, budget and a room full of buzzing creatives is a tough job, making Producer a key role in animation.

Will I need a qualification?

You don’t need a specific qualification to work in production, but you will need experience and familiarity with animation. The following courses have been rigorously assessed by the animation industry and awarded the Creative Skillset Tick for the high standard of education they provide and the degree to which they prepare you for a career in animation.

Courses awarded the Creative Skillset Tick 

What’s the best route in?

A Producer will need to understand the working environment of an animation studio, and how best to manage it. One of the more common ways in is starting as an artist or writer, working up through to Head Writer or Director. Someone in these positions that show natural organisational and leadership attributes would be a clear candidate to produce.

There is an alternative pathway through other management and administrative roles in animation, such as production assistants or line producers, but Producers from these paths are less common.

You could apply to be an animation production assistant trainee through Trainee Finder, which gives you hands-on experience in the industry and helps you build those all-important contacts that are essential when competing for a job.

More information about Trainee Finder

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