Web Content Manager

Personality type:
Advertising | Print and Media

The Lowdown        

  • Developing content for a website, ensuring it’s engaging for potential customers
  • Making sure the overall style of a web-page works when attracting visitors

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need to:

  • Be organised and excellent at meeting deadlines
  • Have an engaging writing style with proper grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Know how to attract an audience to a web-page by using language and SEO
  • Have a great team working mentality
  • Be able to follow a style guide to ensure the website is consistent
  • Know how to write for a specific target audience
  • Manage a team of copywriters and designers, depending on your client or organisation
  • Be creative in how you develop new ways to attract an audience
  • Have excellent editing and proofreading skills

What does a Web Content Manager do?

Web Content Managers are in charge of the content displayed on a website, in particular the information in the written copy. They work closely with a full team of developers and designers in order to make sure the website appeals to the target audience.

While the role’s core is in writing instead of web design, a good Web Content Manager will have an excellent understanding of search engine optimisation and web trends, and adjust their copy to take advantage of these.

Web Content Managers are typically involved in e-commerce (shopping and banking), and use their skills to help attract customers to new or existing products on the website. However, they have been known to be utilised in other web areas, such as social media or public information websites.

Will I need a qualification?

A qualification is not needed for web content management, as experience is valued more for this line of work.

What’s the best route in?

Experience and a natural flair for writing content is required for new web content managers. Having a background in journalism or marketing would show you know how to write for an audience, which would be a huge draw for potential employers. A web background would also be good for showing you know how to fully utilise the medium.

Regardless of the background however, it is vital you can show you know how to write content. Whether this was at a previous job, as part of a voluntary program or on a personal project, being able to write attractive and engaging content is vital.

Where might the role take me?        

Web Content Managers can move around various jobs, but the core ability to write in an engaging and attractive style will be valuable across the advertising industry, and there are endless possibilities for a proven writer to move into.

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