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After less than a year trading as an independent, boutique visual effects company in London, Milk are not only proving their commercial success but also their ability to identify resources to secure new talent as the first VFX facility embracing the employer and trainee matching service, Trainee Finder.

Trainee Finder is part of Creative Skillset’s Skills Investment Fund which encourages co-investment in skills and training to ensure a continued supply of a new generation of talent, capable of world class creative content.  Trainee Finder allows companies to access the best new entrants from a diverse talent pool and companies receive funding to help with training costs.

Cigdem Worthington, Studio Director at Milk explains how Milk became involved. “We were looking at increasing trainees as our ethos as a company is to nurture new talent, “ said Cigdem. “Our CEO, Will Cohen, is with Creative Skillset’s VFX council and he passed the information to me and I saw that Trainee Finder was ideal for Milk.”

Cigdem’s experience of the recruitment process has been very straightforward.  “Creative Skillset made it really easy,” said Cigdem.  “The staff make themselves very available to help you and the information is very accessible. It hasn’t been a struggle and we’ve been able to concentrate on our business knowing we have trainees in the pipeline.”

Vicky Stuart, 26, started with Milk in January 2014 as the company’s first trainee through Trainee Finder.  “I had done a Fine Art degree at university but wanted to do something more creative,” said Vicky. “I’d previously worked at Molinare as a runner and I used to come in early and stay late in the VFX department, being with the artists who gave me things to do. I’d always loved film and making art.  I was good at sculpting and wanted to pursue that in a job and I knew that VFX was an opportunity to be an artist and do something creative.”

Trainees are eligible for Trainee Finder it they have completed an eligible degree course which has been awarded the Creative Skillset Tick or if they have two industry testimonials that confirm they have shown the appropriate skills in a relevant industry setting.

Trainee Finder is a fantastic way of getting talented people in and training them up,” said Cigdem. “We want to nurture talent and to see people develop and stay with us.  We don’t just want a training contract and then to let them go. Trainee Finder is also a great way for trainees to explore different areas of the industry and then find the path they want to specialise in.”

Vicky is very aware of how Trainee Finder has allowed her to explore different aspects of the VFX industry for her professional benefit. “It’s given me the opportunity to learn about new software and improve my knowledge,” said Vicky. “My focus has always been on modelling but since being here I have had the opportunity to explore other areas such as animation and I’m now learning tracking from the test shots that they are giving me. The Trainee Finder scheme is fantastic because it gives you options and you can learn about the industry and get the relevant knowledge.”

Cigdem plans to recruit more trainees and would encourage other companies to consider Trainee Finder.  “I’d really recommend other companies to get involved.  It benefits us as a company as we get fifty per cent of the training allowance paid back for each trainee and the paperwork isn’t onerous,” said Cigdem.  “The trainees benefit too as they don’t have to pay tax or national insurance whilst getting the training they need and vital industry experience.”

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