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Personality type:
Advertising | Print and Media

The Lowdown

  • Communicating an idea, thought or story to a wide online audience
  • Regularly posting content for new and existing subscribers and follower
  • Generating revenue either by working for a company, utilising advert space or by product placement

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need to:

  • Be charismatic in your writing or speech
  • Know how to write/edit video to a professional standard
  • Have good knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so your posts are more easily found
  • Update your blog/vlog extremely regularly
  • Be confident in your opinions or the facts you state, and be able to back them up if questioned
  • Be aware of branding and how it can affect your audience
  • Maintain your image across many platforms

What does a Blogger/Vlogger do?

A Blogger is a person who expresses their opinion, whether through a written piece on a subject or by simply writing about their day, on the internet. A Vlogger is similar, but uses video rather than a written piece.

Blogs and vlogs have become a key part of the internet, and many companies have started to pick up on their importance. There are many ways to find work – a lot of companies will hire bloggers to write about their products on a regular basis, or they may pay an already popular vlogger to mention their product in their latest video. Alternatively, it is possible to make a career out of either by selling ad-space in your videos or on your blogs webpage.

Will I need a qualification?

If you are looking to be hired by a company, then having a degree in English Language would be a benefit. However, many Bloggers and Vloggers have no formal qualifications, unless they are claiming to be an expert in their field. It’s the ability to communicate in a relatable and unique voice that’s key.

What’s the best route in?

It can be very tempting to simply start a blog/vlog, but if you are looking to generate ad revenue or interest from companies you’ll need to put a lot of thought into content and branding. Having a unique logo at the top of your blog, or a recognisable theme to start off your vlogs, can do a lot to increase your audience.

Knowing your audience is a huge benefit as well. For example, if you’re interested in the tech industry, then researching what sort of blogs and vlogs the tech audience are already looking at will help you shape what yours should be. What’s out there already? What can I do differently? What can I do better?

Once you’ve branded your blog/vlog and decided what content to concentrate on and how to present it, it’s about writing or filming your content. Finding a unique voice that is relatable and fun is always a must, and making sure you research any facts you want to say, as you want to avoid your credibility being damaged. From there, it’s a case of making sure your content is seen – posting it in online circles for your subject matter is a good start – and making sure you are updating regularly. While it can sometimes take a little while, great and original content usually finds its way into a large audience.

Where might the role take me?        

Many Bloggers/Vloggers expand elsewhere, though the exact trajectory your career could take is impossible to charter, as the career path is so new. Social Media or SEO positions may offer something similar in terms of skills, though getting a job in the field you specialise in in your blogs/vlogs is also not out of the question. Some personalities go on to TV and radio presenting, if they are comfortable in live broadcast situations.

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