Alex Janaway

Job title:
Associate Producer

Alex J is an associate producer at Jagex, a computer games company. There have been two big turning points in his life.

One was when he was working in a movie stills archive, and he realised he wanted to do something more significant on the world stage. So he joined the Royal Engineers and spent a few years, "running around building bridges, blowing stuff up."

His second turning point was meeting his future wife.

The Army requires certain things of you. It requires you to give up certain levels of freedom. And I guess for me, having reached a certain age, having put roots down, I had to choose between one or the other, and she came first.

So he left the army and got a job with Jagex. He plans to stay in the computer games industry now.

Watch Alex's advice on becoming an Associate Producer:

Career Advice on becoming an Associate Producer by Alex J

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