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Oppposable Games has certainly earned its reputation as one of the most exciting studios in the industry with a portfolio of award-winning games including Embarrassing Bodies and Salvaged. Established in January 2011, the Bristol-based studio has become a leader in development with the much-heralded second screen and its in-house technology, OneTouchConnect.

Founder and Managing Director, Ben Trewhella, identified the need to stay ahead of the game by attracting new talent and found that Trainee Finder, a service that matches trainees with games companies, provided a practical, simple solution.

“It's made the decision of hiring someone a lot easier because we can give them that vital experience and first step onto the industry ladder. It allows us to try out more ideas making us more sustainable for the future.” said Ben.

"Trainee Finder has provided a portal for us to develop as a business as well as develop creative and inventive games", Ben Trewhella, Opposable Games founder

Trainee Finder is managed by Creative Skillset and the eligibility criteria is for a potential trainee to have less than 12 months paid experience in the industry and to have completed a Creative Skillset accredited games course in the last 18 months or to have two valid industry testimonials from a games company.  Games companies can then access the database to search for people that meet their company requirements.

Alix Briskham, 22, was one of the first trainees with Opposable Games. “I’ve known I wanted to do something with games since I was 10 years old,” said Alix. “I went through school and did four art heavy subjects but decided I didn't want to go to university. I worked on my portfolio which has been vital as well as lots of networking which is how I met Ben. I was actually working in retail when Ben mentioned Trainee Finder. I started in August 2013."

It’s been amazing. I feel valued and I’ve had loads of freedom to try new programmes.” Alix Briskham, trainee

For Lukas Roper, 23, being a trainee has been incredibly rewarding and has outstripped the amount of experience he gained completing a normal internship. “I’ve always enjoyed and have had an interest in games and so I did four year university course to develop my game creation skills. During the third year, I had an internship at a local games company which was a mixed experience with skills and contacts gained, but a feeling of exploitation. One of the contacts I met was Ben and after my last year of university, I was offered a three month internship,” said Lukas.

“Then Trainee Finder stepped in and provided a longer term option for training with Opposable. I’ve learnt so many technical skills and being paid for being a trainee adds to the responsibility of the role. It’s the best thing I’ve done so far.”

Opposable Games is working on exciting new I.P’s and also non-gaming applications across different remits with one game designed to help young children with psychological issues ‘talk’ to their doctor through the game. “We’ve got a lot planned and Trainee Finder has provided a portal for us to develop as a business as well as develop creative and inventive games,” said Ben. “One of the best aspects is that the process is very fast and simple to administrate, very helpful when you are running a small business."


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