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As one of the first adopters of Trainee Finder, Nomad Games are well placed to acknowledge the benefits of access to talent that the initiative offers them as four of the original trainees are now full time employees at Nomad.

Based in Lymm, Cheshire,  Nomad Games started out in 2011, the result of a collaboration of 20 years experience between the five founders who had previously worked together at THQ Studios. Cleverly named to reflect mobility so users can take the games wherever they go, Nomad started with the ambition to make easy to play games on touch screen devices and PC's.

Games Workshop approached us to create a game based on the Talisman board game,” said Don Whiteford, one of the co-founders of Nomad Games. “It was one of their classic board games, of which we were big fans, and in April 2013 we launched Talisman.”

This coincided with Don attending an industry event and hearing about Trainee Finder, a service that matches trainees with companies across the UK’s animation, games, filmhigh-end TV and VFX industries. The programme encourages co-investment in skills and training to ensure a continued supply of a new generation of talent, capable of world-class creative content.

Trainee Finder was just what we needed,” said Don. “It gave us the opportunity to share our extensive skills and experience with young people and in return we were able to access those with passion to be in the industry.”

One of the first trainees was Will Hemsworth, 21, now based full time in Chester. “I did computer science at university and then decided to do my placement at Nomad Games as it is exactly the type of company I wanted to be involved with,” said Will. 

I’d been doing programming from a young age and I wanted to learn and expand my skills.” Will Hemsworth, now employed at Nomad Games

Don acknowledges that without Trainee Finder and its 50% assistance to training costs, it is unlikely Will and the other four trainees would have been able to be placed with Nomad Games.

“As a start up, there are lots of costs and Trainee Finder has had a huge benefit on our business,” said Will. “It’s not only enabled us to be in our third year with turnover up but it’s allowed us to share our considerable experience and skills with enthusiastic young people keen to enter the industry.

"I don’t think you can beat that experience. Going out into the market to find people with the right skills is expensive and they are often moulded into a specific way of thinking."

With Trainee Finder you can encourage people to work to the company ethos, be part of the team and be totally integrated into the company and business.” Don Whiteford, Nomad Games co-founder

Trainee Finder was on the table and I signed up and started in July 2013,” said Will.  “It’s been the ideal opportunity to kick starts my career and be where I want to be.  I’ve picked up on new technology and it’s helped me contribute to my own career and own projects. I’m just about to start as a full time employee as a result of Trainee Finder.

Don is enthusiastic about the process of applying for Trainee Finder and the assistance he has received from the Creative Skillset team. “My experience is that the process is very clear,” said Don.  “Creative Skillset have been very patient with us and the quality of their staff is great. It takes two or three hours to sort out the paperwork per trainee but you only have to do the maths on that and work out that for very little time you are getting an enthusiastic young person with a contribution of  50% towards their training costs. If I have a problem, I can make a phone call and the Creative Skillset team will always respond quickly and help me out which is fantastic.”


Looking to become a trainee? Trainee Finder matches exceptional individuals to training placements across the animation, film, games, TV and VFX industries. Through Trainee Finder, companies in those industries get the chance to hire the best trainees in the business and you can do paid training placements and learn in the workplace from real professionals. Click here for more information on what Trainee Finder can do for you.

Looking to hire a trainee or for skills to support your business? If you're a company in the north of England, get in touch with Helen Dobson, Training Network Manager, on 07824 145 372 | helend@creativeskillset.org


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