Tam O’Malley

Job title:
Green Runner

In 2013 Tam attended Screen South Green Runner Production Training – a programme supported by Creative Skillset’s Emerging Needs Fund. She has since worked on films including Avengers: The Age of Ultron, The Incident, 45 Years, and Hackney’s Finest as a Green Runner and Art Department Trainee.

Why did Creative Skillset fund this training?

Screen South and Greenshoot developed the training programme to teach entry-level production staff about making film shoots environmentally sustainable, coupled with comprehensive runners training. The aim of the course is that the next generation of film makers will have a broad understanding of why and how productions should be environmentally sustainable, from the outset of their careers.

Did the training help you find work in the industry?

"The training has had a genuine and fantastic impact on my career. I feel much more competent and efficient as a runner, and I've learned so much in terms of the processes and methods of creating films. I've been accepted for various jobs on other, non-Greenshoot related films specifically because I'm BS8909 Green Steward trained, which is seen as a great bonus by producers who are looking to keep their productions as environmentally friendly as possible."

The training has had a genuine and fantastic impact on my career. I feel much more competent and efficient as a runner." Tam O'Malley, Green Runner.

"I think this is a testament to how much Greenshoot is needed at this time of environmental awareness, and how positively people are responding to this need in the industry. Crew have been actively interested in my role as Green Runner on set and keen to ask questions about the purposes of Greenshoot and what we do to help keep things as green as possible."

So how do you ‘green’ productions?

"Working as a green runner you get to help to implement sustainability measures while doing all usual runner duties, so you could be helping to rig a scene one minute and busy with the costume department the next. For example on 45 Years and The Incident, I made sure the sound and film departments knew I was able to take their batteries for recycling and checked that they already used rechargeable ones. I asked what film stock they used and how they would normally dispose of this, and made them aware of how Greenshoot deals with all aspects of their rubbish and recycling needs."

"I worked very closely with catering throughout, and they were great on both shoots. For instance, minimising any use of polystyrene (45 Years was a polystyrene-free shoot) and encouraging cast and crew to use the designated Greenshoot bins for compostable and recyclable waste. In the production office I worked closely with the producers and co-ordinators, to help keep waste to a minimum in all the office based departments, and helped procure ethically sourced/sustainable supplies. I also gave special water bottles out to every member of the crew to keep, which limited our use of plastic cups drastically and which contained special filters to help water as clean and fresh of impurities as possible."

Could you have learnt these skills without the training?

"I think it would've been extremely hard to gain the opportunity to be able to work and learn in such large scale, professional environments without this training. I'd been a runner before on small independent and student films, but working on studio productions has given me a true sense of what it's like to work in the industry."

A film trainer or educator?

If you have an industry-leading project or training which addresses new and evolving film skills, you could benefit from our Emerging Needs Fund. Read further information about the Emerging Need Fund in our current Funding Programmes for trainers and educators.

Looking for training like this?

For advice on training available, please contact Jeremy Parkinson, Industry Partnerships Co-ordinator | Tel: 020 7713 9873 / Email: jeremyp@creativeskillset.org.


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