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Ways into the animation industry

So, you want to work in the animation industry?

Don't know where to start? Well, you're in the right place.

We can't guarantee you a job in animation and there are no set routes in, but we can give you advice on the different options you have that can increase your chances of getting your foot in the door.

What are your options when you leave school?

You might want to go straight into work after leaving school or you might want to go on to do further study. 

If you already have an idea about what job you want to do in animation, have a look at our animation job roles and see whether you need to have any particular qualifications to do that role, and what are the best routes in.

Two main options you might want to consider after you leave school are:


With apprenticeships, you can earn and learn, working in animation while you learn both on the job and at college, so as to give you really strong foundations on which to build your career.

For animation, the apprenticeship you need to know about is:

Creative Skillset Tick logoThe industry has worked with us to assess apprenticeship programmes for the quality of the training they give you and the close links they have with employers. The best ones have been awarded the Creative Skillset Tick - click here to see a list of Tick apprenticeship training programmes.

Have a look at what this apprenticeship offers - what you'll learn and the roles you could apply for - and have a think about whether you want to get stuck in straight away or whether university might be more up your street.

Degree courses

Creative Skillset Tick logoIf you want to do a degree course, you need to know about the Creative Skillset Tick.

This is the quality mark that's awarded by industry to the degree courses that have the closest links with industry, that provide the highest level of industry-relevant education, and that offer the facilities that match what's being used in the industry.

For animation, there's a number of Tick degree courses for you to have a look at and choose which one's right for you:

Each course will be different and each will have its own entry requirements, so check these on the universities' websites - this will help you work out which course is right for you.

What do animation employers think of students who have been on courses with the Creative Skillset Tick? Good question! Find out the answer here:

Why is the Tick important to animation and VFX employers?

Ready to look for your first job?

These apprenticeships and degree courses will help you stand out from the crowd. And you'll need to stand out from the crowd for employers to give you a chance to start your animation industry career.

Advice from animation employers

We've interviewed some animation industry employers, asking them to give their advice on how you can get noticed, how to put together your showreel and what skills you will need.

Have a watch of the animation careers advice videos here

Trainee Finder

If you've been on a Tick degree course or already have some animation industry work experience, you could be eligible for a scheme we offer that offers trainee placements in the animation industry: Trainee Finder.

Trainee Finder matches exceptional individuals to industry placements in animation, film, TV, games and VFX.

If you are chosen, the company will offer a training placement including a training allowance that will cover the cost of living. And placements can last anything from a few weeks up to several months.

Find out more about Trainee Finder here


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