Ryan Jones

Job title:
Animation Designer
Animation | TV

“It was the first real bit of networking I had done, and it turned out to be the massive kickstarter to my career and where I am today.

"Although daunting and terrifying at first, walking into a room full of potential employers, big names in the industry, a little homework into who would be there and who I wanted to target helped focus my time. I met Kath Shackleton, producer and co-founder of Fettle Animation in Yorkshire. At the time they were about to head into production on the BBC learning series, 'Children of the Holocaust' and were looking for animators to come on board. She had already seen my work from the website of the showcase, so knew in her mind that she wanted to chat to me at some point.

"But the key factor in my getting the position came after the event, when returning home and contacting all of those I had spoken to via email. Coming away with a bag full of business cards, I spent time in the days after the event doing this, which included Kath, and it turned out that she was waiting to see who would email her back, and it was those who did that she asked into the studio for a further chat.

"That was the catalyst for me starting work at Fettle. Whilst there, I've had the chance to work on a wide variety of projects from music videos to corporate videos, as well as 'Children of the Holocaust', on which I was given the opportunity to animate a large chunk of the six episode series. As if it wasn't unbelievable enough to come straight out of University and be able to work on a BBC programme that would be broadcast on television, it has since gone on to be shown at festivals around the world, and I have been given the amazing opportunity to attend both the Children's BAFTA Awards at which it was nominated, and the Royal Television Society Yorkshire awards at which it won two.

"These are opportunities that a lot of people don’t get to experience until later in their careers, if at all, so to be just coming out of my second year in the industry with such incredible experiences already, I feel extremely lucky and privileged.

ryan jones final crop

"In those two years I've also had the chance to work at several other companies, A Productions and Wonky Films in Bristol, and my CV holds projects for the BBC, Cbeebies, CITV, as well as freelance projects outside of the studios, including being a contributing animator on the upcoming documentary about the Disney animator,Floyd Norman. And now I am back working at Fettle on a number of varied projects, in a work environment that I am comfortable in and where I am lucky enough to be given an incredible level of creative input and trust with projects that come in.  If I hadn't have been at the Showcase and met Kath on that day, it's unlikely I would be sat here now able to work at a job doing what I love to do, and with the incredible experiences I'm lucky to have already had."


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