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Julian Nesteriuc

Job title:
QA & Content Executive
Advertising and Marketing Communications | Digital

IT, Digital and Media apprenticeships are fast becoming the go-to career option for ambitious young creatives as highlighted by former IT apprentice, Julian Nesteriuc. 

“My interest in web development started at college where I studied IT,” said 21 year-old Julian.  “I knew that employers were looking for strong soft skills and work experience, so as soon as I became aware of apprenticeships,  I was certain that it was the best option for me.” 

Following the completion of his apprenticeship in August 2014 with London brand communications company Emperor Design, Julian is now employed full time with the company as a QA & Content Executive.  “I remember starting with just loading website content, but now I work across multiple projects testing sites using script, doing front-end testing and front end development, as well as applying styles to reflect designs. I am now working my way up,” said Julian. 

Julian has gained invaluable experience of the workplace environment. “The team were recently given the job of building the annual report for a major media company on a really short timescale,” said Julian.  “I was responsible for setting up the website, styles, content and images. Working overtime and missing out on plans with friends to hit deadlines was tough but it's worth it. As I show my skills and confidence, I gain more responsibility and trust which helps me to grow further and further.”

As a testament to his hard work, enthusiasm and skills, Emperor Design nominated Julian for an award at the Just IT Apprenticeship Awards in March 2015. “It was a huge priviledge to be nominated – even more so to read that my project manager put on the nomination form that I am ‘a pivotal member of the team, tackling curveballs that were thrown his way and working out of hours to deliver projects and the entire team rely on him heavily and see him as someone with the ambition to make a lasting impression on any organisation.’”

Julian has no regrets about his decision to go straight into an apprenticeship.  “As I watch students receive their A-level and GCSE results, I don’t regret for a second my decision to choose an apprenticeship over university,” said Julian.  “In the digital sector, where the skills and knowledge you need are constantly changing, these changes are best learned in the workplace. I am now in my second year of work at the age of 21, with no student debt to worry about in the future and ahead of all the fresh university graduates now coming into the market.”

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