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Creative Director

Advertising and Marketing Communications
Personality type:

The Lowdown

  • Nurturing a creative environment where an advertising team can flourish
  • Utilising the talent of the copywriters and art directors
  • Finding and managing new creative talent and teams
  • Ensuring clients’ brands are well represented

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need to:

  • have great motivational and leadership abilities
  • have strong communication and presentation skills
  • be able to respond appropriately to feedback
  • be knowledgeable and passionate about their client’s business, with a clear understanding of the brand’s values and where and how advertising contributes to its success
  • have a tenacity and resilience to get you through deadlines.
  • lead the creative department with a critical eye
  • establish the agency’s creative philosophy, strategy and objectives, and occasionally representing the agency at industry events, panels and groups
  • take responsibility for the standard of creative output of the entire agency
  • manage the work, performance and professional development of creative teams
  • direct the creative output, including TV commercials and social media content

What does a Creative Director do?

Creative Directors are vital for building an environment in an agency where great ideas are born and can thrive. They inspire great work, and maintain the standard of the department's output. Creative Directors are aware of the commercial aspects of running an agency and act as guardian to clients’ brands across all work being created. In smaller companies, they sometimes steer the agency’s creative identity and can be responsible for its creative reputation as a whole.

They are also referred to as “Creative Partner” or “Executive Creative Director”, depending on the agency and level of experience.

Will I need a qualification?

Creative Directors are recognised more for previous experience, enthusiasm and talent than qualifications. A strong portfolio of commercially successful, awarded work is the only way to be noticed as a prospective creative director.

What’s the best route in?

Creative Directors come from a variety of backgrounds, most typically having gained experience as Copywriters or Art Directors or as Group Creative Director of several teams in a big agency, before taking on responsibility for an entire department. Some continue their creative partnership and take on the role as Joint Creative Directors.

Where might the role take me?

Following the Creative Director role in the management and leadership team of an agency, they may go on to become an Executive Creative Director, with the same responsibilities taken across several agencies within the same group, or holding company. Alternatively, they may decide to collaborate with other management partners to launch an agency of their own.

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