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Junior Web Analytics Consultant

Advertising and Marketing Communications
Personality type:

The Lowdown

  • Analysing data and research
  • Creating new marketing strategies based off of analysis
  • Working in a team to help identify problems within the sales and marketing workflow

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need to:

  • Have a fascination with the internet
  • Be logical and methodical in your problem-solving
  • Have good mathematical and statistical knowledge
  • Have an interest in human behaviour and interaction with technology
  • Be able to simplify and convey complex data and the insights gathered from it
  • Have great communication skills
  • Be keen to work within a team
  • Be commercially minded and able to understand how analytics support clients’ marketing plans
  • Collate, analyse and format data into coherent reports
  • Have great presentation skills
  • Work with senior consultants to understand the nature of websites and applications, what motivates users when visiting, and how users engage with them
  • Communicate with strategists and user experience experts to better understand site visitor behaviour and site performance
  • Identify issues and opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of websites and applications
  • Assist in the design and deployment of analytics to support and evaluate client marketing campaigns
  • Keep an up-to-date knowledge of developments in digital technology

What does a Junior Web Analytics Consultant do?

Junior Web Analytics Consultants measure, collect and analyse internet and application data to inform and enhance online marketing strategies. This involves the manipulation of large data sets created by patterns of behaviour among internet users to develop insights into how and why people do what they do online. Working closely with other members of the online team, this can improve the performance of specific websites and applications, identify problems and support the sales and marketing efforts of clients.

The role is also referred to as a “Data Analyst”, depending on the agency.

Will I need a qualification?

Successful applicants for Junior Web Analytics Consultant positions typically hold a degree, usually in the fields of mathematics, computing or science.

What’s the best route in?

Junior Web Analytics Consultants will typically have an academic background, often in a mathematics, science or computing subject.

Where might the role take me?

Junior Web Analytics Consultants tend to go on to more senior analytics roles. Others may transition into Planning/Strategy roles or join the Data/Analytics team at a client organisation.

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