Event Manager

Advertising and Marketing Communications
Personality type:
Advertising | Publicity and Stills

The Lowdown        

  • Organising events in accordance to a client or internal brief
  • Responsible for the planning and production of an event
  • Manages an event team or outsourced talent depending on the scale of the event

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need to:

  • Have a great enthusiasm for the role
  • Follow client briefs and deliver on their expectations
  • Have great organisation and time-keeping skills
  • Keep a black book of venues, suppliers, caterers, hosts, and everyone you'd need to put on a great event
  • Be able to manage and schedule a team to assist in the events process
  • Be adept at finding or brokering deals on venues, services and supplies
  • Be able to stick to a budget
  • Have a working knowledge of health & safety and fire regulations
  • Have a creative approach to problem solving

What does an Event Manager do?

An events manager will organise and run an event for a business. These can be anything from promotional events for a new product to a social event for the employees. Some event managers will also host or present at their own events, but this is not expected of people in this job role.

An event manager is typically an all-encompassing job, starting at researching venues, negotiating prices and organising suppliers, all the way to running the schedule of the event on the day.

The role may also be referred to as “Event Planner” or “Event Organiser”.

Will I need a qualification?

Employers will mostly be looking for transferrable skills for Event Managers, though there are degree courses available that allow you to specialise.

What’s the best route in?

Having a career background in anything event-related is a great benefit, so having experience in hotels, public relations or tourism will help. Any experience working as part of an event (catering, security, etc.) will also help you understand the process, but may not immediately lead to a management position unless you are a standout candidate and have shown a flair for problem solving and management.

Applying for assistant positions at event management companies is the best move for those starting out, as it gives you the experience needed to make the jump into a full-time position as an Event Manager.

Many Event Managers also start from within the company, moving into event planning after showing the required skills elsewhere.

Where might the role take me?         

As Event Managers become more skilled and recognised in their role, they usually make the move to freelance, sometimes even creating their own events companies. When it comes to events, the scale can be almost unlimited, illustrated by the huge teams of events staff working on award ceremonies, Olympic events and more.

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