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Creative Technologist

Advertising and Marketing Communications
Personality type:

The Lowdown

  • Combining the roles of creative and developer
  • Able to be part of the creative process while also developing prototypes and new concepts using technology

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need to:

  • Have excellent development experience
  • Be able to create innovative and creative applications and programs
  • Be able to design prototype models relatively quickly
  • Have a good knowledge of social media and digital platforms
  • Be interested in developing new hardware and building with existing and future technologies, such as virtual reality and transparent health data
  • Have a solid understanding of HTML5 and other web systems

What does a Creative Technologist do?

A Creative Technologist is someone who can bring both a creative input and a technical knowledge to an agency. They are often directly involved in the creative process, and quickly build working prototypes of what’s needed to show clients.

Because of this, they are typically very high level, and have a strong background in development. They can have a wide skill set, from animation, hardware programming to design skills, and will vary with the agency.

Will I need a qualification?

A strong background in development is required to be a Creative Technologist, so studying something like computer sciences may be a bonus. However, due to the creative nature of the role, a strong portfolio or industry track record as a creative or developer should put you in a strong position.

What’s the best route in?

A Creative Technologist needs to be a skilled developer, so proving yourself by working in programming would be the first step on the career path. Those with a creative mind and a talent for coding will quickly be picked up as Creative Technologists are an undersubscribed role in the advertising industry.

Where might the role take me?         

A Creative Technologist may find themselves being a core part of a team to leading the team, using their knowledge of both creativity and technology in a leadership capacity.

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