MA Digital Effects

Bournemouth University


Which industry sectors are covered by this course?

VFX, Games, Animation.

For which creative roles and professions will this course equip me?

Graduates go on to work in the VFX, animation or games industries as compositors, VFX technical directors, match movers, roto artists, VFX artists and in time achieve senior positions in these careers.

What is the student’s journey through this course?

This is a year-long Masters degree course, primarily aimed at artists wanting to transition from their existing field into this subject area. We teach the subject from basics and focus our teaching on qualitative digital effects projects that help students understand how to create photo-real sequences for cinema.

During semesters one and two students will complete the postgraduate Diploma Section of the course, where structured units, teaching and projects help students get familiar with both the basics of the subject as well as higher level tools and techniques. Upon successful completion of the Postgraduate Diploma, students progress to their final Masters project in semester three.

What kind of ties does this course have with industry?

this course has strong ties with industry, with masterclasses from industry speakers as well as regular industry visiting speaker talks. the department also organises the BFX Festival week, where industry speakers give in-depth talks about the projects they have been working on.

What are the facilities like for this course?

There is a one-to-one student/computer ratio and a dedicated studio that can host up to 40 students. There is also a green screen film studio and mocap suite. Alongside this there is a location green/blue screen kit and 4k camera systems.

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