Film Skills Council

Creative Skillset's Film Skills Council comprises senior film industry figures, from all areas of the film value chain, who lead and advise us on our work in film. The Film Skills Council meets quarterly.


(as of October 2017)

Iain Smith OBE, (Chair), Applecross Productions Ltd 

Mark Batey, Film Distributors' Association

Charlie Bloye, Film Export UK 

Roy Button OBE, Warner Brothers Europe Production

Phil Clapp, (Deputy Chair), UK Cinema Association

Catharine Des Forges, Independent Cinema Office

Paul Gerhardt, BFI

Neil Hatton, UK Screen Association

Seetha Kumar, Creative Skillset

Spencer MacDonald, BECTU

John McVay, Pact

Kate Ogborn, Fly Films

Michael O’Sullivan, Cineguilds

Dan Simmons, Creative Skillset

Alison Small, Production Guild

Andrew M Smith, Pinewood Studios Group

Karen Smyth, La Belle Allee Productions Ltd

Michelle Wright, Working Title Films


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