Governance structure

Creative Skillset works with key industry partners as well as experts in particular fields to direct and progress its work.

We believe in listening to, and working with, a wide range of partners in order to build and develop a consensus on what is best for the future of the industry.

To ensure the close involvement of industry in our work, we use a number of distinct formal groups. The diagram below shows Creative Skillset's structure and functions and how these groups relate to each other:

Governance and Advisory Structure


*1 The TV Skills Council has delegated responsibility for the management of the TV Skills Fund. The Film Industry Training Board plus additional members also operate as the Film Skills Council.

*2 The Board of Directors and the Chair and Deputy Chair of the National Boards and Skills Councils make up the Council.

*3 Finance & Audit Committee has delegated responsibility from the Board. Its membership is not restricted to Board members. The Chair of the Finance & Audit Committee attends Board meetings in an ex officio capacity. The Chair and Vice Chair of the Board are also members of the Finance & Audit Committee and one or other attends all meetings.


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