Before the skills needs of the Creative Industries can be addressed, they must first be identified.

Creative Skillset operates a comprehensive, industry-endorsed programme of research about the industries and the training provision available to them. We are the leading specialists in providing research for the Creative Industries.

Creative Skillset's Research team provides the industries with vital skills intelligence to help ensure that it remains stable and competitive. This involves measuring the size and shape of the industries, understanding the needs of employers and the workforce, investigating existing training provision and scoping out what the future holds.


We have been carrying out the Creative Media Census since 1999. It is the only research of its kind, providing an accurate and detailed picture of the TV, animation, Games, VFX, radio, film, digital media and cinema exhibition industries in the UK.

This industry-wide piece of research helps companies stay informed about their industries – including key occupations, working patterns, gender and ethnicity. Findings from the Census also inform Government and industry policy and co-investment in developing the skills of people working in these sectors.

Workforce Surveys

We regularly carry out a Workforce Survey to help us better understand where our Creative Industries – specifically film, animation, VFX, games, TV, radio, digital media and related industries – find themselves.

Each time, we ask professionals to tell us where skills are needed, so we can work together with companies, schools, colleges and government to plug skills gaps and help professionals access the training and development they need.

Industry Panels

Have you ever wanted to influence your industry beyond your day-to-day job?

This is your chance to make a difference.

Creative Skillset is looking for people working in the UK Creative Industries to take part in short online surveys. You will receive no more than four short surveys a year, and the results will be shared with you within two weeks of the deadline.

We will be asking your opinion on matters ranging from skills gaps and training, to the future needs of your industry. Your views and ideas will help influence strategy and in turn, the future of the UK Creative Industries.

Get in touch

For all enquiries or to get involved in our research activity, please contact us at or call 020 7713 9800.

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