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Why diversity?

Diversity is important in any industry, not just because it is the right thing to do but because it makes good business sense; staff who are comfortable and valued at work are more productive.

A diverse workforce also brings a diverse set of ideas, knowledge and experiences leading to increased creativity and problem solving skills.

To continue to grow, our industries need to appeal to a diverse array of consumers and audiences by creating the wide range of products and programmes they demand.

This requires new skills and talent that only a diverse workforce can bring.

Diversity is especially crucial in the Creative Industries. Many of our industries are built on storytelling which relies on reflecting an audiences experiences back at them. How authentic will audiences find our products if they cannot relate to or recognise themselves in them?

Diversity is no longer a tick box exercise or an afterthought in the Creative Industries, and therefore Creative Skillset makes diversity an integral part of all our products and projects.


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