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Diversity in our work

In order to compete in increasingly diverse, global markets the Creative Industries need to cultivate new and diverse talent.

Creative Skillset develops and champions new routes into the Creative Industries to open them up to as many people as possible. Through our research we collect evidence about the make-up of the workforce and see where there is a lack of diversity. Working with industry, we then develop training solutions to address this imbalance in some way. Freelancers and employees who belong to groups under-represented in the creative industries can apply for funding for training they need to progress in their careers.

Our Skills Investment Fund and TV and Film Skills Funds are also supporting companies and training providers who offer programmes and courses to develop diverse talent and make their workplaces more inclusive. 

This is not all about new talent, but progression. Senior levels of management are less diverse than entry level staff, but by supporting fair access to training and development we can help all groups of people gain the skills and confidence they need to move up in their own careers and our industries.

All our work is guided by our own Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and we have practical and tangible targets for our activities, to demonstrate how we can make progress as an inclusive employer ourselves and in our collaboration with industry.

Trainee Finder

Companies and prospective trainees can register with Trainee Finder and Creative Skillset will match them up, ensuring trainees receive a training allowance and companies get the best new talent they can.

Company Co-investment Grants

The company co-investment grants offers financial help for companies to boost the skills of their staff and develop diverse talent. Companies can apply independently or in a group, encouraging collaboration in building a diverse, creative workforce.


Currently the Creative Industries have a high proportion of graduates, many of whom will have had support with their education and income. Apprenticeships offer an alternative way of gaining the skills our industries have told us they need, all while being paid as you learn.

Work Placement Guidelines

Creative Skillset advocates best practice for employers offering work experience, work placements and internships. If internships are managed and supported properly, they can offer a direct route into industry for people from a variety of backgrounds.


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