How this site was funded

This website was developed with co-investment from the Creative Industries and the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.

What is the UK Commission for Employment and Skills?

UKCES EIF logoThe UK Commission for Employment and Skills is a publicly funded, industry-led organisation providing strategic leadership on skills and employment issues in the four home nations of the UK.

Its mission is to work with and through its partners to secure a greater commitment to invest in the skills of people to drive enterprise, jobs and growth.

The co-investment in this website was through the Employer Investment Fund. This fund was created to stimulate employer investment in skills and to improve the use of these skills in the workplace in the most effective way.

The Employer Investment Fund aims to:

  • Stimulate leadership from the bottom up to significantly raise employer ambition
  • Drive innovation, change employer behaviours and develop new ways of working
  • Secure momentum from employers to support sustainable increases in skills levels and better use of skills across sectors


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