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Contributing to the Film Skills Investment Fund

The film industry contributes to the Skills Investment Fund (SIF) via a production levy. This applies to films wholly or partially produced in the UK. The funds are used to directly support the skills and development of next generation of film industry talent.

The SIF is managed by Creative Skillset on behalf of the Film Industry Training Board.

Contributing to the Film Skills Investment Fund brings fantastic benefits all round; both to the film who are gaining subsidised trainees, the trainees who are getting valuable experience and opportunity, and for the wider industry in ensuring the next generation of talent behind the camera have the skills and support to carve out successful careers in the field.

David Livingstone
Producer of Judy and Pride 

The SIF was originally established in 1999 to manage film industry investment. It was a groundbreaking, industry-driven initiative originally led by Pact, the Motion Picture Association (MPA), the Federation of Entertainment Unions and the UK Film Council, in partnership with Creative Skillset. 

How is the SIF contribution calculated and collected?

Eligible companies will receive a pro forma invoice for 0.5% of the production's UK core expenditure (in sterling), up to a maximum contribution of £41,800.

Contributions to the SIF should be made prior to the first day of principal photography. 

Projects receiving public funding are required to pay the contribution to SIF as a condition of access to this investment.

How will the SIF benefit my company?

Money from the SIF is used to fund new trainees coming into the industry in priority grades and to provide specialist training for existing professionals. Trainee Finder is a industry-leading service that enables productions to hire from a cohort of pre-selected and industry-ready trainees from across the country.

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Who can I speak to about the SIF?

For more information about the SIF or to contribute once your production is in pre-production, please contact: 

Lauren Grace Bergin, Film Production Liaison Executive, or call 020 7713 9905.


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